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Priit Pärn solo exhibition 2
Feburuary 1st, 2014 - May 31th, 2014
Only open on Saturdays and 1st Sunday

Priit Pärn is a world-renowned animator, cartoonist, and printmaker from Estonia.
We display and sell etchings by the artist as well as original drawings from his animations.

priit parn

Priit Pärn was born on August 26, 1946 in Tallinn, Estonia and graduated from secondary school in Tapa in 1965. After graduating from the University of Tartu Department of Biology in 1970, he worked at the Botanical Garden of Tallinn as a plant ecologist from 1970 to 1976.
In 1976, Pärn began working as an art director and animated film director at the Joonisfilm animated film department of Tallinnfilm Studio. Since 1994 he has worked at Eesti Joonisfilm Studio. Has been active as a caricaturist and illustrator since the end of the 1960′s. He has done more and more work as a freelance graphic artist since the early 1980′s. Pärn has had over 30 solo exhibitions in various European countries and Canada. Pärn had a solo exhibition at the Kumu Museum of Art in 2007. Pärn has also worked as a teacher since 1990. He has taught at film schools in Finland, Norway, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Belgium, Holland, France and England. He has also held briefer workshops in Australia and Canada. Pärn served as the artistic director of the animation department of the Turku School of Art and Media in Finland from 1994 to 2007. Pärn is the director of the animation department of the Estonian Academy of Art as of 2006. Pärn has received four lifetime achievement awards: from ASIFA and from the Fredrikstadt, Cracow and Zagreb film festivals. Pärn has participated as a member of the jury in over 20 international animated and short film festivals.
Pärn has made 11 animated films of longer duration as director, scriptwriter and art director, as well as a host of short films and commercials. Pärn is a member of the European Film Academy as of 2008.
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