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July 29th ~ November 26th, 2016
jean-vincent senac


Cuteness and humor, Ideas full of Esprit!
Rich thought that has been condensed into a short sentence ...
Have an experience in Animation of origin, flip books !

☆ Sénac visit to Japan! Autograph session held ☆
Date: from evening of July 29 (Fri.)

Original Drawing 5 points
Original drawing 38 points for the flip books

「master cat/猫師匠」
"master cat"
フリップブック原画「quantum hop/一大飛躍」より
Flip Book"quantum hop"
フリップブック原画「a whole hole/丸い穴」より
フリップブック原画「a whole hole/丸い穴」より
フリップブック原画「a whole hole/丸い穴」より
フリップブック原画「a whole hole/丸い穴」より
Flip Book "a whole hole"
ジャンさん Jean-Vincent Sénac started to walk in Alger when he was one year old and his way of walking didn’t change that much since then. Meanwhile, in the eighties, he moved to Paris and explored numerous activities , while continuing to draw, which he also started doing when he was a child. He has drawn for the press, has created a collection of books for Muji in London and was published by Tate Publishing. He developed his own publishing company, designed rugs for Taiping Group, and has illustrated and designed the sets of major exhibitions at the Cité des Sciences and the Botanical Gardens in Paris. He has created merchandising for Tokyo Museum, designed and distributed a collection of more than 200 postcards, a range of stationery, as well as calendars for Japan.  Some of the characters he created have become puppets, he invented playful furniture and games for children, was part of several exhibitions and fairs and from time to time offers workshops on “how to draw a flipbook”.
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