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At Au Praxinoscope, we curate and show small exhibits to or screening events show the world-renowned animators. 
Animation Cabin2

<Animation Cabin 2> Boris LABBÉ
March 11th ~ May 7th, 2016
(Open on Fridays & Saturdays)
at gallery space / Admission free
Rhizome Rhizome
2015, 11:55
Grand Prize, Japan Media Art Festival, Tokyo
Prix André Martin, meilleur film français dans la catégorie court-métrage, Festival d’Annecy
Il(s) tourne(nt) en rond Il(s) tourne(nt) en rond
2011,loop, 4:48
Kyrielle Kyrielle
2011, loop, 10:00
Prix Spécial du Jury, festival d'Annecy
Boris Labbé Boris LABBÉ
Graphic artist from his beginning, Boris Labbé has been developing, over the last six years, an approach in animated video. Experiment after experiment, the film he develops tend to leave the spatio-temporal pattern imposed by the classical cinema, evolving towards video installation devices that include major technological revolutions of the past century, crossed with the latest digital technology generations. All his videos, like a part of the experimental film heritage have the emblem of the palingenesis, concept making both appeal to the loop and regeneration : cyclical return of the same events ; regular reappearance of ancestral characters ; perpetual return to life.
Past Exhibitions
the January 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th, the February 6th,13th, 201

<Animation Cabin> vol.1
Koji Yamamura selection, best animated shorts in 2015

Dir.: Ana Horvat / "Erlking" Dir.: Georges Schwizgebel / "Isle of Seals" Dir.: Edmunds Jansons / "Benches №0458" Dir.: Ivan Maximov / "Leftover"Dir.: Tibor Banoczki, Sarolta Szabo
September 4th - December 26th, 2015
”MYSELF LA” by Andreas Hykade

MYSELF LA by Andreas Hykade

Los Angeles
"LA 29"
1st May - 29th August, 2015
Karo & Piyobupt exhibition

January 9th - April 25th, 2015

George logo

Georges Schwizgebel solo exhibition

Georges Schwizgebel solo exhibition

The exhibition of the original animation drawing of Georges Schwizgebel who is making experimental short animation films since '70.
Approach with full of playful and by building a thorough style, he is continue to create a masterpiece of freely motion. "The Ride to the Abyss" ('92) is said to be one of the best animation ever history.
4th October - 27th December, 2014

山村浩二コレクション: 世界のアニメーション作家アートワーク展 

Collection by Koji Yamamura:
World Animation filmmaker's Artworks

Yuriy Norshteyn “The Overcoat”, Frédéric “Back The Man Who Planted Trees”, Michèle Lemieux “Here and the Great Elsewhere” and so on, 13 Animation Filmmaker's artworks are owned by Koji Yamamura.
7th June - 27th September, 2014

Igor Kovalyov
solo exhibition


>Igor Kovalyov solo exhibition

1st Feburuary - 31th May, 2014
Priit Pärn solo exhibition

5th October, 2013 - 25th January, 2014
Priit Pärn solo exhibition

parn prints
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