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Online sales store for animation-related DVDs, books and picture books, visual toys such as flip books, Thaumatrope, Zoetrope, Au Praxisnoscope original goods, etc.

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Au Praxinoscope

Store and gallery opened in 2013 as a place to introduce short animation from around the world. The store carries animation-related books, DVDs, visual toys, and merchandise selected from the perspective of the owner, Yamamura Koji (animation artist and picture book author). As a studio, it also produces and distributes original animations, and in the gallery space, in addition to exhibiting original artwork, it hosts live performances.


Motion Observation Devices

The store name "Au" is the French preposition à + definite article for place, and "Praxinoscope" is the name of a visual toy. In Greek, it means "motion observer. It was invented by French inventor Emile Reynaud in 1879, in the pre-movie history, and was enjoyed in European households as a device that made pictures appear to move.
The original Praxinoscope, manufactured in the 1800s, is on permanent display in the gallery.



Exhibition and screening of original animation drawings and prints
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Production and distribution of original animation
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Live performances including juggling and dancing.
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APINUN Piano & Juggling LIVE

LIVE Au Praxinscope vol.3
27 August Sat.
①15:30 open / 16:00 start
②17:30 open / 18:00 start

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Dance, would you like one?

LIVE Au Praxinscope vol.2
Dancer Kagaya Aoi's solo dance project "Dance, would you like one? will be held for the first time in Tokyo. It is a small dance performance for 100 yen per dance for one customer.

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In the Big Yard Inside the Teeny-Weeny Pocket

Directed by Yuki Yoko
Music: honninman
Award: Jury's Personal Pick: 1st Hiroshima Animation Season

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A Bite of Bone

Directed by Yano Honami
Voice: Tano Ayamo
Sound Design: Takino Masumi
Awards: Grand Prize for Short Animation: 45th Ottawa International Animation Festival
Best of TAIS Showcase award: 15th TAIS Animation Showcase 2021
Gold Award (Animation Category): 27th ifva Awards, Chine, etc.

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Yonezawa Ippei × Yamamura Yuri

LIVE Au Praxinscope vol.1
2022.07.02 (Sat) Improvised live session with juggling and tap dance

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Émile & Dr. Reynaud

Answers to simple questions about animation, such as "why?" "What?" Cartoon (Japanese only)

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